FMT Window Lock

Floating Mushroom Technology
The Avantis High Security Window Lock provides the fabricator & installer with real benefits. Discover these benefits below and watch the video if you want to understand more.

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FMT! Keeps readily available on the following systems...
  1. 6.5mm Window Drop
    FAR MORE TOLERANCES Should the window drop or move over time the FMT keep will guide the floating mushroom into position. Coping with 6.5mm of window drop ensures effortless operation for the homeowner and reduced service calls for the installer.
  2. Bi-Directional Locking - SBD
    UNIQUE MUSHROOM TECHNOLOGY All security window locks require bi-directional locking, normally this is built into the gearbox. The Avantis FMT has the Bi-Directional locking built into the keep. This means we use a standard espag gearbox providing you with a security espag with a cost advantage.
  3. Speed Of Manufacture
    Every aspect of manufacturing has been considered in the design of the FMT, from the use of a standard espag size gearbox, through to using a one piece lock, eliminating the need to stock, crop & fit extensions.
  4. High Levels Of Security
    The combination of twin security cams and clever 360 degree protection ensures that no matter which way the lock is forced it only serves to drive the cams deeper into the keep.
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